Super Easy Chili Crab 香辣螃蟹

I’m a crab lover.
Whether it’s meat crab, flower crab or soft shell card, it’s also my favorite.

Yesterday, I saw the crab was big & fresh in supermarket and the price is cheaper, so I bough 2 of them only about RM19.90.

When i went back home immediately check my THERMOMIX recipe, and think how to enjoy my crabs. After I decided to cook Crabmeat Pasta, I miss Plan B Crabmeat pasta so much.

I take out the crabs early in this morning to unfrozen. But suddenly need to went to bank to settle down something. When i get back to home it’s 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

Its not enough time to let me prepare the pasta because i’m too hungry. So i search again the recipe and check out all the ingredients all I have.

So I decide to cook this super easy chili crab and will be ready within 18 min.

Ingredients A:
3 Fresh Red Chili
5 Cloves Gralic (skin remove)
5 Shallots

Ingredients B:
40G Oil
30G Toucheong Paste

Ingredients C:
4 Flower Crabs (Diced)
50G Tomato Paste
100G Water

Ingredients D:
2 Eggs (beaten)

10G Corn Flour + 50G Water (Mix)

1Put Ingredients A to TM Bowl 5sec/-/Speed 6/
2Add in Ingredients B for Saute 5min/120°C/Speed 2/
3Put in Ingredients C 7min/Veroma/reverse/spoon speed/
4At last, 1min/Veroma/reverse/spoon speed add in ingredients D from the MC hole to mix itX

Super easy cooking crab with Thermomix, can enjoy anytime when we wish to have it.